When speaking to Jose about making this post I told him how much I had on Blu. He replied to me with, “If you think the post might be too long, you can always break it in to Part 1 and Part 2”, well I considered that, then I just decided to give Blu a whole Part to himself to get things kicked off. Expect following posts to be slightly less detailed and feature a lot more artists but for now, here’s what Blu should (in some cases ‘might’) have to offer us all in 2011.

2011 looks like it could be a good year for Hip Hop, don’t we all say that every year? Well I really mean it this year. Walk with me as I peruse through some of the projects to look forward to in 2011…Blu Edition

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I can’t think of a better place to start this series of posts of 2011 than one of my favourite artists of the past decade, Blu. The Cali underground champ is set to drop his sophomore solo album, NoYork!, at some point this spring and has recently made it clear that he plans to drop a lot more than just that. He’s been performing some of the tracks due to be on NoYork! at various live performances and even dropped a couple of tracks earlier last year that are also allegedly on the album.

Now, when it comes to this elusive west coast emcee, it’s fairly hard to separate fact from fiction. I’ve tried my best to pick out the more believable of the rumours on offer, so be be warned that some of what you are about to read may not make it in to your eardrums this year. Though I can promise that unless I clearly state something as ‘rumour’ then it most likely will be released.

Some fans are already complaining that he’s going in a slightly different direction but I guess we just have to wait and see because nothings too certain when it comes to Blu.

Fans have been promised a Blu n Exile album for a while now and many think this could be the year. The release of “Seasons” late last year has prompted this rise in anticipation. (Check the video for “Seasons” below, make sure you watch right until the end for a behind the scenes look on the making of a Blu video).

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Here’s a tweet Blu made right at the start of this year:
“NoYork!”,NewBlu&Exile,”HerFavoriteColour,””Open/O’Pen”&the”10YearAnniDontStopMixtape” TimeToUpDate!!!!!”

The Open/O’Pen is something none of us know anything about, if and when it does drop, it seems it’ll be a complete surprise.

Blu will be one of many artists featuring on the New World Color release “10 Year Anniversary Don’t Stop” Mixtape.

A mastered version of HerFavoriteColo(u)r will be released along with a free bonus high-quality copy of the GODLeeBarnes LP originally released in horrible sound quality due to Blu apparently ‘”losing the files”. There releases should be with us in February.

Rumour has it that a Blu + Fashawn + Exile album could also be in the works as well as Exile + Aloe Blacc project and, dare I say it, a Below the Heavens part 2.

It looks like Blu’s work ethic is peaking right about now so we can all expect big things this year from him. It always seems to me like Exile and Blu have stacks of previously unreleased work just sitting in their rooms and every now and then they choose to bless us all with something put together years back.Lets not forget that Blu is also in The All City Chess Club, so lookout for projects from them.



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