Souler is a 20 year old up and coming artist who grew up in the south, Dallas Texas to be exact, he moved out to Texas with his family at the young age of 4 years old. However his birthplace is London, UK and that’s where he currently lives. At the young age of 17, he created his first mixtape titled “As Told By”. Since then he’s stayed active by releasing freestyles and crafting his own sound. Recently he has put together an album called “No Comfort Zone”.


The track which i’m submitting is a track from Souler which he produced featuring a verse from Mickey Factz. This track is of Souler’s new Album “No Comfort Zone” which dropped on February 5th. So far the album has had a good response from his listeners and the improvement in his musical ability is very evident with this project. From the sound quality, production, to lyrical content it all sounds like a huge step up from his first mixtape.

The story of how this feature came together is kinda funny. Mickey Factz made a post on facebook one day stating that fans should leave links of their music on his page and he would collaborate with whoever he liked the most. Souler took a chance and left a link to his soundcloud and within hours Factz hit him up asking him to send him a track with an open verse, the rest is history. Hopefully this feature will help Souler get more recognition and help him start the process of building a loyal fan base.

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