West Coast legend Ras Kass celebrates “MLK Day” in his own unique way as he goes down memory lane to the dark past of America and the never-ending race struggle. Backed by a gloomy and solemn backdrop provided by producer TRACKZ 100, Ras compares the timelines of the late civil rights leader to the current modern-day era of domestic terrorism and extreme capitalism celebrated by the system. He is also joined by vocalist Eric Jaye who papers the track with soulful melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics. Ras really raises some compelling questions on if America has really progressed. This is pure food for thought for us to ponder on profoundly.

The single comes equipped with an animated visual courtesy of Ninja Vanish!, who makes a gripping clip using several images and motifs that tie into the vivid lyrics of the song.

“MLK Day” is the lead song from the forthcoming Public Enemy-inspired ensemble cast LP BLACK STEEL (to drop in fall 2022).

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