The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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TL Grace – “Fade Away”

“Fade Away” is a reflective tune from TL Grace who takes time to clear out his closet while musing on some of the experiences that shaped him into a better man. he delivers a laidback melodic flow over a moody piano-laden beat and acknowledges his flaws and inner determination to be better than before.

TrenchBaby Rich – “Go 4 The Win”

TrenchBaby Rich is all about success in his new single “Go 4 The Win”. The track has a somber and moody piano riff and punchy trap drums that blend with the go-getter mindset displayed on the track. The song features Brooklyn New York D. Chamberz who delivers an energetic chorus and shares his thoughts on the second verse


OnDeck – “Solar Complex


Emerging emcee OnDeck shares “Solar Complex” a mellow reflective record that sees him digging deep into his own personal issues, from fighting self-doubts, negative thoughts from naysayers, and the likes.


Kaution Mr.700 x Jah Born – “Love Energy” (feat. Salako Music)

Kaution Mr.700 and producer Jah Born return with a new single “Love Energy”, a heartfelt track that dives into what true love is. Backed by a soulful and soothing backdrop, Kaution details blossoming love and the many emotions that come with it. He is joined by vocalist  Salako Music who adds her soothing melodic runs into the mix.



Maddox – “Kick it Off”


Maddox‘s aptly titled track  “Kick it Off” sees him in rare form kicking energetic bars over a hard-hitting soundscape. He is in full bravado mode as he brings lyricism with carefree energy to the forefront and a catchy hook to lighten the mood.


1Rich Park – “Uptown Energy [ Original Version ]



1Rich Park makes his entry on our list with the retro-tinged single titled “Uptown Energy [ Original Version ]“. The Ohio rapper details the ups and downs of his life, from personal loss to fake friends, and more.

He is a member of GKFAM With (Pink Siifu , Turich Benjy , Ted Kamal , Peso Gordon , Devin Burgess, and More….)



RonTerrance Rishad – “10.15.2021 (Unmastered)”

RonTerrance Rishad‘s new release “10.15.2021 (Unmastered)” is a reflective and thoughtful tune. Over a soulful vocal sample, he takes listeners deep into the inner workings of life and its unpredictable variables.






The Letter Noon – “River Rocks ( Feat.Contrast.)”


The Letter Noon makes their entry on our playlist with their new release titled “River Rocks ” featuring Contrast. The production has an alternative rock vibe with its funky guitar plucks and punchy drums and a ton of vivid lyricism from the emcees. The crew is made up of  Iranian producer Shirman and rapper Emma Effers.

Their latest album Shapes In The Distance was released on 24th June 2022.




The Coldest – “Rich by the Weekend”

The Coldest wants to be “Rich by the Weekend” in his new single. The anthemic record is ripe with cinematic textures and a punchy drum groove, The Coldest embodies the spirit of a go-getter and gets back on his job to achieve his goals. Armed with his energetic and animated flow, he delivers an engaging performance that we all can appreciate.



Danté James – “Page Two”


Danté James‘s “Page Two” is a reflective tune that sees the emerging rapper cleaning out the proverbial closet and getting some things off his chest. From dealing with self-doubts, and inner demons to getting his money right to focusing on making music again with a clearer mental state.




WARD gets his rap on IDONTEVENKNOW”, a track where he rhymes over several instrumentals. The track starts with the classic ODB/Neptune track which he uses as the perfect intro a the beat switches into different soulful pieces which serve as the perfect backdrop for WARD’s smooth flow.


Medium Punch x Cam James – “Time In”


Medium Punch teams up with Cam James for “Time In”, a heartfelt song about love gone sour. Over a hazy and somewhat moody backdrop, both artists reflect on past love and how the hurt never leaves.



schnoz – “Damn Kids”



Indie rapper/producer schnoz dives into a tale of epic proportion in his new song titled “Damn Kids”. Backed by an ominous backdrop made up of moody strings and punchy boom-bap drums, he takes us deep into his world where crazy things happen. His lyrics are quite vivid and make use of different references and touch on how unpredictable the human mind is as a kid.




Rokeaux – “Charmin’ Tha Snakes”


Rokeaux shares their new single “Charmin’ Tha Snakes”, a piano-laden booming track that sees him dwelling on loyalty and friendship. As the title suggests, he separates his true friends from the snakes who try to take advantage of him.

Rokeaux is a singer, rapper, and songwriter from St. Thomas of the U.S. Virgin Islands whose unique blend of hip-hop, dancehall, and pop music elements has marked him as a rising force in the music industry.



J.M€AZ¥ – “la$t of a dYing brEEd”


J.M€AZ¥ shows us why he is “la$t of a dYing brEEd” in his new single. The track has a scenic and anthemic feel that blends with his animated flow and unapologetic lyrics that aim at the gimmicky emcees who mumble their words or lack lyrical depth.
In a nutshell, he is here to solidify true lyricism


D Monnzy – “Flip the Switch”


D Monnzy raises the summer heat with his new release “Flip the Switch”. Over a bass-laden, orchestral string trap backdrop, he proceeds to drop off-kilter bars while having fun for 2 minutes with nothing but engaging rhyme schemes and wordplay.


IreQ Savage x JCPinthecut – “Bomb It Up” (prod. Sempai Elemeye)


“Bomb It Up” is a collaboration between IreQ Savage and JCPinthecu who make use of a moody punchy backdrop provided by Sempai Elemeye. Both emcees deliver animated flows with a blend of bravado and thoughtful rhymes.


Ali Cashius Jr – “Bismillah”


Ali Cashius Jr’s “Bismillah” is a tribute to his father and community. The track is somber and reflective and sees him dropping hard-hitting bars as he flexes his lyrical prowess while detailing the downs of the street life which never turns out well. The track starts with a short snippet of Muhammad Ali speaking on people refusing to acknowledge his new name and change of faith, which is significant when you compare Cassius Clay who later became Mohamed Ali, with Ali Alghwaizy Jr who later became Ali Cashius Jr.


Jae – “Hold Me” (w/ Traiven Lee)


NZ-based rapper Jae drops “Hold Me” with Traiven Lee, a heartfelt adulation-filled track ripe with catchy melodies and a punchy engaging soundscape. Jae employs a laidback melodic flow and use of vivid lyrics that dwell on love, betraya,l and jealousy.


QU/NTEN – “Touchdown Freestyle”


Emerging Monroe NC/Soutbay-LA California-based rapper QU/NTEN makes his entry on our site with this new single titled “Touchdown Freestyle”. Over a moody but punchy backdrop, he showcases his lyrical prowess with a unique engaging flow to match.


Leland Philpot – “The Clarion” – “The 2022 Remaster”


Leland Philpot comes through with the update of his single “The Clarion”. A reflective and praise-filled track that sees him reflecting on the ways of the world but knowing his faith is intact, he will be alright.


Mega Milli – “Summer Vibes”


Mega Milli sets the tone for the summer with the aptly titled track “Summer Vibes”. Inspired by Will Smith‘s classic “Summertime” track, Mega Milli embodies similar energy and delivers a smooth party jam perfect for the bbq cookout and house party.

Showrocka x Sadat X – “Do Knowledge” (Blackity Black)” [feat. Sadat X & Prodbydin]

Showrocka team sup with veteran emcee Sadat X for “Do Knowledge” (Blackity Black)”, a track that was originally written the Juneteenth holiday this song embodies not only Hip-hop culture but also the black experience. Over a smooth soulful and punchy soundscape, both emcees drp=op some gems and embody the true essence of being black while shoving the negative tropes to the side.


Maddox x Jeh $inatra – “All Gas”


“All Gas” is a laidback motivation track from Florida Hip Hop artists Maddox and Jeh $inatra. Over the bass-heavy backdrop, both emcees reflect on the journey and the ups and downs that come with it.


El Gant – “Pageants”

El Gant returns with, “Pageants,” which finds the NY lyricist linking up with his Jamo Gang brethren, Ras Kass. Backed by the moody and cinematic backdrop provided by Marco Polo, both emcees reflect on their early days of what drove them to become an emcee, and how to this day it’s the passion that fuels them and not the pageantry of the rap game.

Mostly George x Delvin – “Notti”


“Notti” is a cross-country collaboration between producer Mostly George and Nigerian Hip-Hop & Rnb singer Delvin. Over the smooth bass-heavy soundscape, Delvindelivers a hypnotic performance with his catchy melodies laced with bravado and a wavy approach.


Camille Antoni x Digitzz x Tomas Ferdinand – “Zebra”

Producer Camille Antoni teams up with US-based rapper Digitzz and Dutch-born/Antwerp-based singer Tomas Ferdinand for his new single “Zebra”. The track is a somber and heartfelt track that dwells on the craziness of the big city life and how we all get trapped in it at times.

Oktober X – “LALA”

Emerging Canadian rapper/ producer Oktober X shares the new single “LALA”, a mellow soulful track that digs deep into self-growth and balances one’s vices. He is candid and points out his own flaws as he takes steps to correct his errors one step at a time.



Hunter Phay – “JFK”

As Hunter Phay prepares to drop his upcoming double LP, IF MONEY WAS AN OBJECT he drops the lead single “JFK”. The track is a hard-hitting moody banger that sees Hunter reflecting on how people view him and how he wants his reputation to precede him.

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