Emerging Brooklyn emcee Rad delivers his newest EP ‘On Set’ with much gusto. The 6 track project is ripe with solid production from ThatKidGoran, AEBEATS, VITALS, DJ Pain 1 & DreamLife, and Young Swisher Beats who all help create the perfect canvas for Rad’s insightful and bravado lyrics. Even though Rad is a producer, for this project he decides to let other producers create the soundscapes while he focuses on the song concepts.

Rad opens up the floor on a smooth note on the opener “Intro: Warm Up” and proceeds into his previously released single “StarHopping” which showcases his storytelling skills. Over a smooth, soulful backdrop courtesy of DJ Pain 1, Rad reflects on his life and the variables of being supportive in a relationship. The next cut “When I’m faded” follows a similar theme and shows Rad in his vulnerable state as he details the ups and downs of life while trying to get his music out here to wider audiences. “Jessie” has a more solemn vibe with a lush dreamy vibe that fits Rad’s heartfelt lyrics about the struggles of trying to escape one’s past while planning for a better future for your kids. The track was partly inspired by rad’s own life and experiences so it blends real life with some fiction into the mix, regardless it’s a story we hear too often and we all can relate. “Pray” has a more upbeat and lush backdrop and also features emcee Aown who comes through with an energetic verse while Rad joins him with his own style as the song progresses. The last track “Been” closes up the project on a solemn note and this is where Rad comes through with all the emotions pouring as he gives us a true representation of what he believes in. ‘On Set’ may be short but it has enough to show us what makes Rad tick.



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