Buffalo emcee Pretty Bulli  marks her territory with this bar-heavy single titled “Simplicity”. The record sees her teaming with producer Kidd Called Quest who crafts a punchy guitar-riff-driven backdrop for her to flex her verbal muscles over. She sure comes correct with lines like “I ain’t needing no pandemic to be socially distant/ I’ve been fighting niggaz off like they was hosting an illness” and her commanding vocal tone really keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.



“Simplicity” is actually the bonus joint on the recently released Duffel Bag Bulli EP, which also features appearances from Ruste Juxx, Illa Ghee, L-Biz, and Castle Money Beats.

The youngest of six children, Pretty Bulli developed a passion for Hip-Hop early on. By thirteen she was already developing her skills in ciphers and freestyle battles on street corners. In addition to her own music, she has appeared on releases by L-Biz and Kool Taj The Gr8.

Stream “Simplicity” on SoundCloud.

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