Melbourne’s own Kut One returns with the third installment in his acclaimed Live Wires series, a 10-track body of work that sees him in his element once more but on a higher plateau. He teamed up with a slew of incredible talents spanning several generations, including King Magnetic, Craig G, Rasheed Chappell, Estee Nack, Daniel Son, Jamal Gasol, and Guilty Simpson, to deliver a cohesive, straight-up dope project.


Live Wires 3 opens up with “Get Some” featuring Change, Tom Sav and King Magnetic. Helmed by a classic ONYX vocal sample and gritty soundscape, the emcees proceed to wreak havoc with their distinct unfiltered styles. Lines like “Getting whacked, no casino, making Mob moves/Shooter with a sig and he’s sicker with embalming fluid/Hop out with the guns, when you’re gone what you gonna do?” set the tone for this solid opener. “Stay Sucker Free” sees Jamal Gasol going on a solo mission with his pen. Bolstered by Kut One’s moody and bouncy drum groove, Gasol gives listeners a glimpse into the cycle of street life and how he deals with detractors, fake friends and his own inner demons that keep him sucker free in a dangerous world. The emcees Estee Nack, Daniel Son and Saipher Soze lead the verbal onslaught on “Good for Nuthin” with fiery performances and raw lyrical displays. This is followed by the single “Mount Up where the legendary Guilty Simpson kicks Lines like “Accountability is key, especially when you’re dealing with me/ Grown men in 3-1-3, getting situated for the showdown I won’t slow down/We blow loud in a remote town and go out/See what your city has to offer/Guilty- yeah I really did it for the culture” over Kut One’s signature stomping drums and dark electrifying samples that draw listeners deep into the verbal abyss.  The title is a subtle homage to Warren G‘s classic single “Regulate”


“Skip the Nonsense” is an aptly titled track that is helmed by legendary lyricist The Bad Seed who does damage with lines like “Lot of niggaz die over pussy and or over violence, I ain’t that nigga, don’t push me, I’m like the Triad/Pull up to the place where you’re sleeping I got the hot head, now the whole crib getting peppered, ain’t talking Cayenne”. Rim and rising lyricist Pretty Bulli do their thing respectively on “Never Settle” and “Listen Up “. Both tracks are as menacing as they come and are perfect hard-hitting tracks that introduce new listeners to the fiery bars of these rising talents. The legendary QB rapper Craig G comes through with more than a handful of gems on the solemn but punchy “No Room to Grow”. Here, the emcee talks about how egos can get in the way of success. From artists posturing and looking down on others and fronting like they are the new flavour of the month, Craig G reminds us that it’s better to build a long-lasting legacy instead of chasing the bandwagon because, by the time you get on, it just might be too late.


The project then closes out with “It’s My Word” featuring Rasheed Chappell and “Been a Long Time” with Verbz. The former is a moody and cinematic track that is underpinned by Rasheed’s graphic lyrics about urban comeuppance where nothing is granted. The latter is a laidback introspective tune that details Verbz‘s journey thus far. He acknowledges his failings but his wins overshadow the cons and his unrelenting determination takes precedence. Overall, the project is a cohesive piece of art that is driven by Kut One’s versatile production that blends punchy, hard-hitting soundscapes with solemn and soul-gripping textures his choice of features also is impeccable as every artist here has a place and each song stands out.


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