The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Mighty – “Ball Don’t Lie”


Mighty  (AKA Mathias Mauk) is a Portland, OR-based rapper and community advocate whose new single “Ball Don’t Lie” is an upbeat track with anthemic elements. Over the punchy cinematic backdrop, he delivers his flows with much intensity and a ton of motivational aesthetic that is great for your morning or evening workout session.

IreQ Savage – “Yesterday Is Also Tomorrow”

Emerging rapper IreQ Savage drops his new single “Yesterday Is Also Tomorrow”, a reflective track that explores self-perception, self-worth and its intersectionality with self-expression. Backed by a moody backdrop  and armed with his off-kilter flow, IreQ shows us a glimpse into his life and he is joined by Ramona Star and Areo who also add their 2 cents to the track.



billy winters x Already Legends – “106 & Park”

Billy winters and Already Legends deliver this solid collaboration titled “106 & Park” which blends smooth piano loops with upbeat drums underpinned by vivid rhyme schemes from a plethora of emcees. Also showcasing their skills on the track are Sam Tate, SavageSpitFlamez, L.O.E and Squad.


Datta Boy x Blackway – “I Don’t Lose”

Datta Boy teams up with Ghanaian artist Blackway for an anthemic record titled “I Don’t Lose”. Backed by vibrant drums, cinematic strings and thick basslines, the artists deliver fiery bars with intensity and a memorable hook to match.



Brenin Edmunds – “SUPAMAN”

Brenin Edmunds and MLNY team up for “SUPAMAN”, a jazz-infused track that sees the duo exploring the daily struggles of life and the many experiences that can make or break you.


Ry August – “I left the party”.


Indie rapper/multi-creative Ry August is off on his own in “I left the party”. The title is a reference to one charting his own path in a world where people tend to do the same thing because it looks cool. Over the funk-infused backdrop, he delivers a blend of heartfelt raps and smooth melodic runs that details his journey to finding his true North.


JED – “Pride Will Win” (feat. Brieya)

Devon, UK rap artist JED shares his new song “Pride Will Win” which dives into the delicate issue of vulnerability amongst men. The track made up of sombre piano-riff and bouncy drums is underpinned by JED’s vivid storytelling of how men are often affected by their own inability to open up due to societal constraints and how these alone affect them in many ways. He is joined by vocalist Brieya who lends her beautiful vocals on the chorus.



Tone D. – “Smoke City”

Tone D. delivers “Smoke City”, a feel good summer-tinged track that dives into the bright side of life. It’s something we all can relate to as we all need some time to smell the roses.

Tre. Charles – “Memory.”.

Durham, NC-based Singer/songwriter Tre. Charles shares his new single “Memory.” The sombre and dreamy tune is ripe with atmospheric textures and moody pads laced over smooth drum grooves that are underpinned by his distinct vocal runs. His airy vocals take precedence and slowly cascade the backdrop with much gusto.


James Aris – “ONE 2 MANY” (feat. Chris Louis)

James Aris returns to our list with “ONE 2 MANY” featuring Chris Louis. The mellow tune has a sublime texture and punchy drums to match and is ripe with reflective and insightful lyrics that listeners can relate to as it runs through the ups and downs of life.


THISMINORITY – “Dangerous Satisfaction”.

THISMINORITY‘s song “Dangerous Satisfaction” is a detailed tale about betrayal and a hook-up that happened on a certain night. Over Freshisui‘s vocal sample-driven backdrop, THISMINORITY shares a tell about himself, his brother and his lady and the connection between them. It’s quite vivid and we hear about the night her car breaks down and THISMINORITY’s brother asked him to help her get home. This situation lead to another thing as they ended up having a one-night stand but then again, it’s deeper than that so listen.


Shon Weathers – “SELF MADE”

Queens, New York-raised artist Shon Weathers shows us how he is “SELF MADE”. The track has a punchy and reflective vibe and fully captures the resilience and determination in his heart.



Taboo Punx – “night life”.


Bremen, Germany-born, US based singer/songwriter Taboo Punx shows us how the “night life” can be. The production is sublime and jazzy and hypnotic and surely fits her stylistic performance. Weaving laidback raps with sultry melodic runs, Taboo takes us deep into her life and the many experiences that make her tick.



Keonté – “OVER AGAIN”

Keonté ‘s “OVER AGAIN” is a heartfelt and emotional track that dives into taking the high road with a partner who seems to be playing games. Over the upbeat and sampled backdrop provided by Gaurav, Keonté delivers an unapologetic performance that is well-crafted and engaging.


Ace Fontaine – “wit da mob” (feat. Rokkai)


Ace Fontaine reminds us that he came “wit da mob” in his new release. Armed with his nonchalant and smooth flows, he delivers an emotion-filled performance over the sublime and soulful production provided by Rokkai.


Janga – “Never Enough” (feat. Cindy B)

UK born Congolese artist Janga delivers this heartfelt record titled “Never Enough.” The track is as reflective as they come and sees Janga reminiscing on his past and the daily struggles that could have broken him. From disenfranchisement, gang violence and lack of equality, Janga pours his mind on wax and gives a relatable view of things. He is joined by vocalist Cindy B who helps tie it all together with a smooth melodic chorus.





LOFIGO x Tha God Fahim – “ME & THA GOD”.



LOFIGO and Tha God Fahim team up for “ME & THA GOD”. The track has a moody and dark soundscape that is multi-layered and underpinned by graphic lyrical schemes that dwell on modern-day struggles.




MOCC – “Artillery”.

MOCC drops a self-produced track titled “Artillery” which dives into the effects of drug dealing and the military-industrial complex and their intersectionality. The production is dark and cinematic and MOCC’s approach is nuanced and insightful at once.



Spaceman Dela – “C R A C K”.

Spaceman Dela returns to our playlist with “C R A C K”. The SoundCloud exclusive track sees the rapper tackling the delicate issues of addiction, over-indulgence and escapism in this digital era. Over DRO‘s moody and somewhat off-kilter soundscape, he delivers a vivid lyrical display that will leave listeners locked in from start to finish.


Lex Leosis – “TOO CLOSE”.


Toronto artist and emcee, Lex Leosis drops new single “TOO CLOSE“, a pop-infused track that showcases her versatility. Over the bouncy and cinematic backdrop, she details her experience with a cheating partner and the games being played summoned the strength within to take the high road and move on.


Bravado Bard – “I Wanna Say”

Bravado Bard showcases different styles in his new release “I Wanna Say”. The track is soulful and is made up of heavenly horns and sparse drums all underpinned by his vivid lyricism which he brings to the forefront with much gusto.



ARYA x Green Man – “MADE IT”.


North Little Rock, Arkansas-based artist ARYA teams up with Green Man for “MADE IT”, a heartfelt and reflective piece that dives into topics ranging from crime and punishment, desperation and redemption, personal success and systemic failure. Over a sombre piano-laden backdrop, he takes listeners through the ups and downs of his life and his past struggles with addiction, imprisonment and self-doubt and how he overcame it all.




Young Misery K – “Anxiety is a hoe”


Emerging rapper Young Misery K caught our ears with their new single “Anxiety is a hoe”. The track makes use of a smooth and nostalgia-inducing piano riff and dreamy textures. She runs through the daily struggles of dealing with anxiety and having tall dreams. Regardless she is taking it one day at a time and surely working up to see her dreams come through.




Tina Carzon – “skin to skin” (feat. Adobo & Nicky Wood)

Singer/songwriter Tina Carzon gets sensual in “skin to skin”. The jazz-infused track has bossa nova vibes with neo-soul aesthetics and surely captures her sultry vocals and vivid songwriting about blossoming love. She is joined by Adobo and Nicky Wood as well.


Pretty Bulli x Kidd Called Quest – “B.A.S.I.C”

Upstate lyricist Pretty Bulli teams up with prolific producer Kidd Called Quest for their new single “B.A.S.I.C”. The track is as hard as concrete and sees Pretty Bulli on her ten toes as she throws darts at the naysayers, fake friends and snakes who slither around. The title is a backronym for Broads Are Always Secretly In Competition and it’s as raw and unapologetic as can be. This track is the first leak from the forthcoming collaborative project between Bulli and Kidd.



Oxomo – “Over & Over”.

Brighton-based rapper/producer Oxomo started his career in 2020 with his debut album and hasn’t looked back since. His latest release “Over & Over” is an introspective piece that dives into how we all can get stuck in a never-ending cycle. The lyrics are insightful and quite relatable. He is the owner of Brighton Hip-hop label Collective Mind Records.



Larry Coleman 2020 x TB Da’ Great – “Story 2 Tell “


Emerging rappers Larry Coleman 2020 and TB Da’ Great really have a “Story 2 Tell “. The piano-laden track sees both rappers detailing their backstories and the ups and downs of their lives. Armed with distinct lyrical styles, the rappers hold nothing back with their vivid lyricism and storytelling prowess.




Liel Vini – “Ushuaia Night”


Atlanta-based Brazilian singer-songwriter Liel Vini caught our ears with his latest single “Ushuaia Night” which is rousing and soul-stirring. The song dwells on the delicate topic of mental health and one’s daily struggles. Over the punchy backdrop, the singer details exactly what it feels like to have a panic attack. The production is dynamic and has a lot of transitions, tempo changes, ebb and flow as it progresses. Moving from contemporary singing to short bossa nova/samba sections and mellow ballad sections, Liel sure delivers something refreshing and different.



Natalie Clark – “ARMOR”


Singer/songwriter Natalie Clark delivers this uplifting tune titled “ARMOR” on our playlist. Over an epic and cinematic backdrop, she delivers a stunning and soul-gripping performance with heartfelt lyrics that dwell on compassion and the true essence of friendship during life’s most difficult moments. Armed with his distinct vocal tone, she seamlessly floats over the atmospheric aesthetic and gives listeners spirit-lifting and encouraging words to move through the obstacles.



Efrem – “Outsource”


Washington, DC-based Eritrea-born rapper Efrem shares his new single “Outsource” which dives into his work ethic and journey through this cesspool called life. Over the moody backdrop made up of melancholic pads and sparse drums, the rapper goes for gold with his heartfelt and somewhat introspective lyrics.



Copywrite x DJ Swab – “I Have Weed About to Drop (Freestyle)” prod. by Copywrite (cuts by DJ Swab)”

Copywrite and DJ Swab team up for “I Have Weed About to Drop (Freestyle)”. The self-produced track sees Copywrite breaking down his latest strain of weed that he guarantees will knock your socks off. Inspired by his love for the green herb, Copywrite links with some folks out in Canada who helped him create this highly potent strain that would get you dumb high. DJ Swab joins the fray with some excellent cuts as well.





Double A.B. x Prince Po – “Where The Bag At”

New York-bred rapper Double A.B. and producer Git Beats help us close this week’s list with “Where The Bag At”. The track is the duo’s latest release and sees them teaming up with the legendary Prince Po. Over Git Beats menacing backdrop made up of ominous textures and gritty drum grooves, Double A.B and Prince Po trade bars on getting to the bag with vivid lyrical schemes that would keep listeners tuned in from start to finish.
“Where The Bag At” is featured on their forthcoming album, “Lungs Of Mahalia.”

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