Berlin-based, Casablanca-born multi-instrumental producer and creative powerhouse Saib is a prolific producer and guitarist who blends jazz, and hip-hop with lofi sensibilities. His love for Bossa Nova, Anime soundtracks, and composers and musicians such as Yoko KannoJoe Pass, and Nujabes is really telling in his music as he bridges the gap between classical instrumentation with modern-day hiphop rooted in its true essence. He has more than a dozen EPs and singles on prestigious labels such as Chillhop MusicCold BustedMajestic Casual, and Blue Note Records. and he is currently working on a new project titled Unwind.

As he prepares to release the project, he shares the single “Pennywise”, which features legendary Hip-Hop MC Masta Ace as the only vocal guest on the LP. The production is smooth and exudes a nostalgic feel with it’s warm lobes, jazzy guitar riffs and punchy drums that blend perfectly with Masta Ace’s laidback and commanding flow.


“Pennywise” is the second single from multi-instrumental and prolific producer Saib’s upcoming Unwind LP. The project will be released on September 16th. via Berlin’s Jakarta Records.

Pre-order Unwind here.


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