Peter Leo teams up with DJ Concept for this concept (no pun intended) EP titled Young Baby Father (FreEP). I’m pretty conversant with Peter Leo’s previous work and this is quite a change (a good one) if you asked me. The EP is a solid narrative detailing Peter Leo’s daily endeavours in the concrete jungle as we watch him maneuver through obstacles and eventually becoming a baby father on purpose or by misadventure?

Throughout the project, Peter Leo remains determined, emotional and sincere, he practically bares it all for the listener while Dj Concept ties the theme with his cinematic,gripping soundscapes. I need not say more, Peter Leo’s Young Baby Father (FreEP) is for everyone!

Tune in, get with the program and share your thoughts. 

Young Baby Father is a collaborative FreEP from Long Island emcee Peter Leo, produced entirely by DJ Concept, of The Bash Brothers. Leo drops intense verses over Concepts soulful production, providing the gritty canvas for the struggling young father. The FreEP includes guest features from fellow strong islander and former DJ Premiere collaborator Little Vic, as well as the talented singer/songwriter Rich Rivera. Young Baby Father is now available for free download.

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