We close out this week with a new body of work from the producer Nogymx . Titled Ancient Forests, the project is a collection of laid-back instrumentals with a plethora of elements ranging from Asian influences, nature, and ethereal textures. The first track “Entering The Forest” draws the listener in with a field recording of nature from birds chirping to leaves whirling through the winds and such. The third track “Lost Grove” is a solemn beat ripe with smooth keys and nostalgia-inducing strings that both blend into a seamless dream-like sequence. It feels like a trip down memory lane while searching for something or someone but then again the interpretation is up to the listener. Tracks like  “Moonlit Glades” and “Echoes” continue the atmospheric trend but infuse some more mystical elements into it while the final track ‘Amongst Giants” exudes a farewell type emotion as we leave the mysterious Ancient Forests.



Get it on Soundcloud below.


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