We are still dedicated to showcasing the best tracks/videos from the underground by searching far and wide in order to bring you our weekly list. It’s a tough job as we sift through a ton of high-quality tracks just to settle for just 5 so we switched it up so now we curating the Top 10 Submissions. Now that is what we call dedication, so sit back relax and get familiar with these acts.
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Broughton – “Suits Me”

Broughton opens up this week’s list with “Suits Me” with a reflective piece that dwells on certain things on his mind. His experiences are put on wax and he lets the listener know he is far from giving up and he is ready to go the mile.

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Kaniva – “Mad 2”

UK emcee Kaniva goes for the jugular on his vibrant single titled “Mad 2.” Over an upbeat, cinematic backdrop he delivers a frenzied flow laced with witty lines and bravado. He is definitely not a slouch on the mic and brings that classic Grime energy to the forefront. “Mad 2 ” is taken from Kaniva’s latest EP.

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Saint Hill, Matthew Grant – “The Essence”

Saint Hill teams up with Mattew Grant on the anthemic joint titled “The Essence.” An upbeat piece that sees Hill reflecting on a failed relationship and all the dramatics that come with it. It’s pretty relatable and heartfelt.



Zaydon – “TMS”


Baltimore raised singer/songwriter Zaydon taps into his sultry spirit to deliver some passionate vibes on his new single titled “TMS.” He doesn’t hold back his sensual thoughts towards his partner and lets her know that he understands her but his main aim is to love her to the core.

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Cherry TNT x Liion Gamble – “Wallet”

Cherry TNT and Liion Gamble team up for a vibrant record titled “Wallet.” Backed by solid production, Cherry TNT goes for gold with her fiery flow and smooth lyricism that really displays her talent.






John Alex Harper – “Fate”

John Alex Harper ‘s “Fate” is an interesting piece that explores the process of breaking up a relationship. Over a dark soulful beat, Harper details his dealings with an unknown individual and why he had to let things go instead of stringing her along. he doesn’t try to lay the blame on one party but rather on a handful of factors that was beyond the control of both parties.




Ike Kawaguchi – “Maybe I Need Your Love”

Soul singer Ike Kawaguchi shares the visual for his single “Maybe I Need Your Love.” An introspective love laden piece that explores the dynamics of emotions and thoughts.
The video was shot by Ike’s brother Mokichi on an iPhone 11 Pro during his first trip to Japan in twelve years, giving it surreal and hazy look. The video focuses on Ike immersed in diverse street scenes, drawing us into his powerful narrative. His lyrics confess his resistance to the thing he craves so much, “Deep inside alone surrounded by the light that I refused.”




TruthDaRealest – “2B Honest”

Georgia based emcee TruthDaRealest doesn’t hold back her thoughts and frustrations on her new single “2B Honest.” Over Rujay Beats‘ solemn, piano-driven backdrop, she details all the ups and downs in her life from trying to stay afloat and get through the day. “2B Honest” is taken from her upcoming project, No Pressure.

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CiiMATiX – “FR33MND”


Multi-talented UK rap collective CIIMATIX make their debut on our list with this off-kilter piece titled “FR33MND.” Backed by an ominous but hard-hitting beat courtesy of Loud Beats, the crew take the listener deep into their consciousness as they explore life as forward-thinking black men. Ultimately their aim is to push beyond society’s preconceived notions and assumptions about black men trying to make their way in this crazy world.
“FR33MND” is the first track from CiiMATiX’s forthcoming debut EP CiiMATiX Vol 1, which is set to be released in May. This would be followed closely by their debut visual album Sound Mind, due for release in the autumn.
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Trizz x Farazi – “OTH” VIDEO (feat. Xavier)

Trizz x Farazi returns to the field as they drop the visuals for their previously released single “OTH” featuring Xavier. They team up with Edgar Sosa and Castro of NewHighFilmz to deliver a classic west coast aesthetic video reinforcing the bond between brothers.
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Thierry Ganz – “Watch”

Thierry Ganz teams up with producer Francis Vepo for the smooth single titled “Watch.” Ganz delivers his thoughts over the somewhat sparse backdrop with a unique haphazard flow that changes every now and then. He takes a look at the cynical questions people ask creatives such as “Where do you see yourself in a year or two?” he gives them the ultimate response. Just Watch.




Rockstar Telly – “No heart”

Rockstar Telly‘s new song “No heart” is a fun-filled video that showcases his fun side and melodic flow. Check it out.





Shea Michael – “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Canadian artist Shea Michael takes time to uplift the spirits on his new song/video “The Best Is Yet To Come.” Over a smooth head nodding backdrop he shares his experiences from being low to being grateful and all the variables he has to deal with. The music video was directed by Refused By Light.
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Mellow North – “Jazzy Jack”


Mellow North is a Northwest London Hip-hop collective who hit us up with their brand new cut titled “Jazzy Jack.” A smooth fusion of jazz with lo-fi hip-hop sensibilities. This is Mellow North’s first release via Ashtray records.
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Micco x Elias – “Thru Cusco We Grew”


Emcee Micco and producer Elias team up for a nostalgic release titled “Thru Cusco We Grew.” Over Elias’s solemn backdrop, Micco shares his experience in Cusco Peru and the growing relationship between him and his kid sister.
“Thru Cusco We Grew” is the second release from Micco & Elias.

Elias is an experimental music producer from the South West of England whose music can best be described as a fusion of footwork, early 2000’s R&B and, most prominently, Hip-hop.





Craterface – “O.L.B.B.G”

Craterface returns to the forefront with the ominous release titled “O.L.B.B.G.” He delivers his usual off-the-cuff style ripe with unpredictable wordplay and witty lyrics. Get it on Deezer and Apple Music.





ROCHESTER – “Forever”

ROCHESTER‘s “Forever” is his lyrical testament and way of planting his feet firmly in the game. Over producer Book’s hard-hitting anthemic backdrop he marks his spot and tells the listener that he is here for the long run. The flows are solid and delivery is passionate all the way. “Forever” is taken from his upcoming album, Dreams Don’t Have Deadlines releasing on March 20th, 2020
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