Uprising Canadian artists NICK x GARRETT share the new single “Rollercoaster”, a heartfelt single that centers around real-life experiences that shaped them into who they are now. The duo are inspired by the golden era of hip-hop and have taken a page from it with of course their style that is steeped in real time issues and relatable songwriting.  The track has a dreamy and nostalgia-inducing texture with a throbbing bassline and mellow groove. Here, the duo trade vivid bars that put listeners deep into the mix of the action with lines like “We were 17,Prelude with the 4 wheel steering And a dream/ Tearing up the city/You could hear it in the streets/ Smoking hella weed/ Couple weirdos and a beat“. We get to see their journey and how far they have come and also a bit of the future as well.



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