Once Upon A Rhyme (Unreleased Nick Wiz Remix #2)

Once Upon a Rhyme in Japan (Prod. By Nigo)

Thought I’d drop some dope rare Rakim ish for you to feast your ears on. They’re both dope dope songs.

Although they almost have the same name they’re on two totally different releases and are both totally different songs. Once Upon A Rhyme is an unreleased Rakim track, you can find the original on Youtube easily enough, but producer Nick Wiz did a couple of remixes of them which also went by without any official release, although you can find this one on Nick Wiz’s Cellar Sounds Volume 1.I prefer it to the original actually, which is why I put it up.

Once Upon A Rhyme In Japan is NUTS! Put out in 2000 on both Nigo’s Shadow Of The Ape Sounds and a Vinyl release Rakim totally switches up on a slow driving beat which sounds like it’s from the heart of Japan on which his flow is just fire. I gotta confess I dunno who Nigo is, but looking at who he worked with he seems like one of the great Japanese producers, and he founded BAPES?! If anyone’s got any info on his music or something like that hit me up at [email protected], I’d be interested to know.

Anyway, two gems. Have a nice saturday.

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