We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Johnboybeats & Plon B. – “Fall Walks”

Johnboybeats and Plon B give us something warm and relaxing with their latest release titled “Fall Walks”. The track is ripe with plucky guitar licks, warm textures and shaping drum grooves that exude the inviting feeling of summer.



Sly5thAve – “No, No, No Pt. 2” feat. Jonathan Mones



Sly5thAve and Jonathan Mones revisit “No, No, No Pt. 2” by Destiny’s Child and the result is a brilliant cinematic and nostalgic piece that stands the test of time. With lush horns, slick basslines, brass stabs and scenic violin riffs, the instrumentalist deliver a solid rendition.



Terror Firma – “Sonrise Sonshine”

New Zealand’s Terror Firma delivers the new single “Sonrise Sonshine” to our playlist. It is a seamless blend of lofi/chillhop with glitchy sample chops and head-nodding drum grooves. The track has a warm and nostalgia-induing element as well and it’s perfect for one’s relaxation playlist.



Colville. – “Autumn.”

Colville’s “Autumn” is a solemn and reflective piece made up of moody and soothing samples with downtempo drums. Overall, it gives the feeling of nostalgia and introspection.




Suahv – “Unlearn”

Suahv‘s  “Unlearn” is a hard-hitting hip-hop beat with crunchy drum breaks, rich synth plucks and edgy riffs that would get you in the gym.


GrandJeu – “MEDELLIN”


South France-based producer GrandJeu takes us deep into “MEDELLIN” in his latest effort. The Spanish guitar-led track has a sunny and somewhat ominous feel. Overall, it’s quite engaging from start to finish.



Mum Child – “Cozyy”

Mum Child‘s “Cozyy” is an aptly titled record that is comforting and soothing. The layered vocal hums, atmospheric synths and hushed drums all come together like butter over hot bread slices.




Dran Beat Station – “meanwhile in time”

Dran Beat Station helps temper the mood with “meanwhile in time”, a chilled and solemn beat made up of layered synths, and sublime pads which give an overall relaxed vibe that we all can work with.




No Mic x Beatmund Noise – “yes boss”

No Mic and Beatmund Noise team up to deliver “yes boss”, a punchy and moody beat made up of crunchy drum breaks, mellow tones and dreamy keys.



Malana – “Daydreams”.

Malana‘s “Daydreams” lives up to its title as it exudes an ethereal and comforting vibe. The guitar plucks are rich and the airy pads and warm bassline all come together like white on rice.



The Funky Onion – “Enjoy The Show”

The Funky Onion helps us “Enjoy The Show” with this nostalgia-inducing piece. The layered samples, lush guitar plucks and atmospheric pads are quite alluring.


Lofi Milk – “After Taking a Bath” (feat. Kensuke Ohmi)

Lofi Milk and Kensuke Ohmi give us something to nod our heads to “After Taking a Bath”. The record is a seamless blend of jazz-lofi and soul. The horns are airy, and sublime and the keys are soul-stirring.


Dj Frankie Green – “Winter Soulstice”

Dj Frankie Green brings us closer to the present season with “Winter Soulstice”. The track has a choppy drum break and the reflective jazzy chops blend perfectly.


Steve Nguyen – “Eternity”

Steve Nguyen’s “Eternity” is a dreamy and layered piece that is ripe with lush guitar plucks, riffs and sound design that takes us into our comfort zone.




Siren – “it’s a rainy day while you lookafter our store pt3.”

Siren‘s new release titled “it’s a rainy day while you lookafter our store pt3” is quite peculiar but the overall vibe is alluring, relaxing and warm.


Mixed Salad – “Easy And Nice”

Mixed Salad help change the feel with this downtempo and soulful piece titled “Easy And Nice”. Just as the title suggests, it’s an easy flowing beat with soft guitar plucks, tones and warmth.

Distant.Face – “So Sweet”

Distant.Face closes out the playlist with this joyful piece titled “So Sweet”. The keys are alluring and the vocal hums and sublime pads all come together seamlessly.


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