Ten Demands for Justice envisions a new society in which prisons and police are no longer necessary, and communities are equipped to provide for their own health and safety. Ten Demands for Justice offers a roadmap for the defunding and then full abolition of police and prisons, beginning with immediate actions to end police violence as well as racism and classism in policing, prosecution and sentencing.

Ten for Justice was also founded by AwkwordNick, the Progressive Martial ArtistAnhCaitCheyanne AguilarJenKarishmaLaurenPepper Oceanna LewisPetrona E. Clesca, and Zoya.

A visual breakdown of Ten Demands for Justice can be viewed below.

You can also watch the riveting interview between Awkword and famed journalist Justin Hunte aka The Company Man. Check the website for more info HERE.


You can also donate to THIS FUNDRAISER.



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