Singer/songwriter Nia Wyn closes out the week with a double release. The two tracks she has are “Atlantis” and “Ghosted” which all showcase her unique writing skill and off-the-cuff musical style that is steeped in soul and pop.

The first cut titled “Atlantis” is a guitar-laden laidback soul-pop number that captures Wyn’s vivid imagination and atypical style of presenting love on wax. She adds that the record was birthed from her obsession with the mythical city of Atlantis while playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey(yes, she is an avid gamer). Wyn delivers her lines with such passion and emotion as she reimagines the city as an idealistic place where she and her lover can go to in order to escape from the harsh realities facing them.

The second track “Ghosted” is also a laid back bop but has more of a soul/hiphop vibe and fits her honeyed vocals and relatable lyrics about the drifting relationship between her and a friend. It explores the dynamics of friends who come in and our of your life at the drop of a dime and maybe show up when they need something or when things are going good for them. it’s a very relatable topic and the way Wyn approaches it is more from an understanding point of view rather than being condescending. It is obvious she knows the vibes and has the ken to deal with such people in the required manner.



5th March 2021 – Cambridge*

6th March 2021 – Norwich*

7th March 2021 – Southend*

17th March 2021 – Oxford*

19th March 2021 – Margate*

20th March 2021 – Portsmouth**Supporting Paul Weller





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