“Muzzle” is  Nia Wyn‘s newest single which sees the North Wales singer-songwriter working with rapper R.A.E who delivers a fiery insightful verse. 

The track is bolstered by heavy electric guitars, rumbling drums, and a warm bassline that peppers Wyn’s heroic and passionate vocals. The singer is as raw as sushi as she unapologetically shares her personal frustrations with a visceral touch. Lines like “Paranoid when I think that I have been checked/Something’s are better off left unsaid/ True facts are ok, I’m getting too abstract” peer into her psyche as she tries to come to terms with the situation at hand. R.A.E who won Glastonbury’s 2020 Emerging Talent Competition also comes through with vivid storytelling at the end of the song

Get it on //Deezer//Soundcloud


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