Downwill & Von Pea – Cheesesteak

As a reminder that these brothers have some serious talent to share…Von Pea & Downwill decided to release a 9 track album by the name “The Sandwich Shop: because hoes gotta eat too”….these beats are from The Roots – Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Sandwiches EP, released a while a’s what Von Pea had to say:

“Donwill and I were listening to the sandwich beats that The Roots dropped a while back and we decided to record to 9 of them. We did most of it in one day, and we are going to be dropping the whole thing right after Don Cusack comes out on the 23rd. Its just another thanks to the people that support us.”

Cool colab…and really glad to see that the Tanya Morgan click, is helping each other, on the release of the individual albums.


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