A release just in time for Father’s Day weekend, Skyzoo blesses us with an EP near and dear to his heart, “Milestones,” a 7-song dialogue intimating the experience of being a hip hop dad, juggling a music career and raising his son, Miles. The project is profoundly poetic but bops with that real real.

Of the project, Skyzoo says, “This is a conceptual EP, where each song is a story that holds hands with the ones before and after it, all about my life as a kid, growing up with my father always in my life, and how that’s now shaped me as a father myself.  It’s named Milestones, after my son Miles, and also signifying the milestones that us dads reach in life as we grow into fatherhood.” 

Tell your father, a friend’s father, or a friend that’s a father you appreciate them this Father’s Day.

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