Kemba’s newest release “6 Million Ways” is a harrowing insight into the oppressive system that is commonly called The Police Force. The track centers on how the same people who are supposed to be the protectors have become the oppressors with their biased and discriminatory tactics. Kemba makes use of a haunting, solemn backdrop that is devoid of heavy percussions thus allowing every atom of pained emotion to be heard and felt by the listener. He takes us through a familiar cycle that starts from where the police brutality occurs followed by the public outrage and finally to the event where the perpetrators get off with a slap on their wrists. It’s a story we have seen and heard for decades which begs the question, will things ever change or are we going to live out this cycle till kingdom come?

The Bronx native adds that he wrote the song in 2016 and still nothing has changed since then.  “6 Million Ways” is his blistering response to the injustices of current global events. The single is taken from his upcoming EP The World Is Watching which is set to drop on the 25th of June.  The EP which runs at 8 minutes 46 seconds is a tribute to the late George Floyd.

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