Singer/producer duo Nabi Air (made up of  Yoonha (vocalist) and Deric (producer)) makes their TWIB debut with a gripping record titled “Flavorless”. The angelic-voiced singer delivers a stunning performance over the cinematic, soul-laden soundscape laid before her. Her passionate vocal tone really draws the listener in as she details how deep in love she is with a certain individual.

Nabi Air’s alternative electro-pop sound combines gripping electronic production and sultry, ethereal vocals to surround listeners in an electrifying yet sentimental atmosphere. The duo—Yoonha and Deric—first met through mutual friends in San Francisco after attending the same college. With their shared passion in creativity and experimentation, they decided to dip their toes in music production in 2017 which quickly turned into an obsession. Their music draws influences from their diverse tastes across the musical spectrum including electronica, downtempo, contemporary R&B, and hip hop. In the pursuit of their musical vision, Nabi Air hopes to act as a point of contact that bridges diverse genres, cultures, perspectives, and experiences.

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