The Movement Fam needs everyone to help support their upcoming Canadian tour aka Blood, Sweat & Beers Tour. Alongside the duo of Cee and Notion are The Bodega Brovas and Clarity. This tour is definitely something to be part of so I implore y’all to chip in and support acts that put in work.

Peep the campaign HERE

The Movement FamCee and Notion – alongside Montreal’s Clarity are embarking on our first nation-wide, self-booked tour with our friends The Bodega Brovas from the States this summer, and while the east coast dates are easy to navigate, we need your help to get us out west!

In this DIY day and age, we’re really proud of all our achievements. We want to continue building our brands – and our careers – independently, and one way to truly do that is to tour across the country and make ourselves known nation-wide.

All we need is to ensure that the airfares for Cee, Notion, Clarity and Tour Manager Tiffany Alexis are covered, so that we can get out west and continue to do you guys proud.

We created a campaign via IndieGoGo to help us raise the funds required to make this tour a reality – we’ve included a bunch of cool perks, and we appreciate anything you can contribute. Even if you can’t help financially, just sharing the campaign via your blog or your social networks is extremely valuable to us.

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