The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Daws – “Smoke And Mirrors”


Daws caught our ears with his song “Smoke And Mirrors” taken from his self-produced EP titled Growing Pains (Demo). Over a somber guitar riff and mellow drum grooves, Daws brings forth an impassioned performance ripe with reflective and self-searching lyrics.

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Bre SwaGz – “Turn Around”


Bre SwaGz digs deep into her emotions in “Turn Around” backed by a somber backdrop, she runs through her experiences in life, ranging from loyalty, love, and finding one’s strength through the tough times.

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Sick Steen x Nicky Mackenzie – “Momentum”


Sick Steen and Nicky Mackenzie link up for a thoughtful record titled “Momentum.” Backed by a cinematic and triumphant backdrop, Sick Steen shares a vivid account of his own personal struggles and flaws as he journeys through this thing called life. Nicky Mackenzie also comes through with a soul-stirring melodic chorus to tie it all up.



Olawumi – “Situationship”


Nigerian-American singer-songwriter Olawumi makes her entrance on our playlist with her single “Situationship” taken from her recently released lp Moody. Backed by an atmospheric and sublime backdrop, Olawumi delivered a heartfelt and impassioned performance ripe with evocative lyrics that dwell on the dynamics of love, situationship, and the grey areas that exist between two individuals.

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Jamar Carr – “Slippin'”

Jamar Carr‘s new release “Slippin'” is inspired by the classic DMX song of the same name. The record is as moody as they come and is built on a somber backdrop and insightful lyrics from Jamar Carr who pours his heart on wax.

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J.C. Owenz x Mad Sadiq – “Pardon”


J.C. Owenz and Mad Sadiq share a life lesson on “Pardon” a laidback somber track ripe with moody tetxures and thought-provoking lyrics on self-belief and determination.

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Jahan Nostra x Tahmell x REKS x Buda Bap Beats – “Dedication”

East Coast-based independent artist Jahan Nostra teams up with Tahmell , REKS, and Buda Bap Beats for this heartfelt ode to the culture “Dedication.” Over a mellow jazz-infused backdrop, the emcees show us how they help elevate the culture with conscious lyrics and dope beats.



Merakai x DuskTilDwn – “1998”

Merakai teams up with DuskTilDwn for this lyric-driven reflective record titled “1998.” From the moody and nostalgia-inducing backdrop to the insightful lyrics, Merakai gives a nuanced view of things


MrSuperNintendo – “One Time”


MrSuperNintendo delivers an unapologetic and feel-good track titled “One Time” Over a smooth solemn backdrop, he shares his thoughts on why he focuses only on the things that matter.

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Stoyan – “Let Me Know Now”

“Let Me Know Now” is the new single from Sydney-based artist Stoyan. He has teamed up with fellow Sydney artists and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire VIIN, and Yianni Adams from Kyoshi who craft a soulful and somber backdrop for him to wax poetic over. The result is a reflective and feel-good track that captures the essence of pure lyricism, soulful West Coast Hip Hop with an Australian twist.



Bri Feel – “Offline”


Bri Feel‘s “Offline” is a sultry and heartfelt track that channels the dynamics of being in love with the right person far from the pretentious image portrayed on social media. Bri Feel delivers a sultry and entrancing performance ripe with vivid and evocative songwriting that everyone can feel.

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M Soto – “The Return”


“The Return” is a cinematic tale that M Soto delivers to our playlist. Over a cinematic backdrop, he dives deep into the unpredictable life we live in where we are trapped in a system that puts us in a maze-like situation.

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Hard N Low – “The Contender”


UK-based Hard N Low delivers a hard-hitting cinematic beat titled “The Contender.” Over a rock-infused production, they bring that edgy bravado-laden raps we all can rock with.

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Afrado – “Open your eyes”


Afrado‘s new single “Open your eyes” is a reflective and thoughtful track that dives into how people hate on one’s gradual rise but the main objective is to stay focused.




Canadian indie rapper STEPHEN HERO flips the script in his new release “NOSE TO TAIL.” A  lyric-driven track that is ripe with off-kilter lyrical schemes and a somber but punchy backdrop to match.


M Slago – “Love Lost” (feat. Bodega Brovas, Mela Machinko, DJ Centrifik)


Producer M Slago delivers his new single “Love Lost” which sees him teaming up with Bodega Brovas, Mela Machinko, and DJ Centrifik. The posse cut is a blend of reflective lyrics, insight, and that good old bravado raps to match. It also has DJ Centrifik cutting up solid scratches in the hook and vocalist Mela Machinko doing her thing as well. The Spazz is available on all streaming platforms here.

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Thrust OG – “Straight Thru Da Roof”


Canadian Thrust OG delivers “Straight Thru Da Roof” a hard-hitting posse cut ripe with edgy boom-bap beats and a plethora of graphic lyrics and rhyme schemes.

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Jackie Ferrari – “Think What They’re Thinkin’ About”


ATL, Georgia artist Jackie Ferrari pours her candid thoughts on her new single “Think What They’re Thinkin’ About.” The heartfelt and upbeat song is about self-confidence and the need to follow one’s path regardless of what people think.

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Paavo x Chef Mike – “Drop It On Them”


Paavo and Chef Mike team up for this gritty and dark piece titled “Drop It On Them.” Bolstered by Chef Mike’s hypnotic and eerie backdrop, emcee Paavo delivers a graphic and vivid performance with his precise and engaging flow.

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VENMC‘s new release “KTA” is a testament to staying true to oneself regardless of the situation you find yourself in. The backdrop is punchy and VENMC doesn’t mince his words as he reminds us that he doesn’t compare himself to others.

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Jermaine Robinson – “Off The Clock”


Jermaine Robinson makes his entry in our playlist with his new release “Off The Clock,” a heartfelt track that dives into a personal journey in this thing called life. From discerning the right path in different situations to removing himself from negativity, Robinson gives his own thoughts on finding inner peace.


DJ Laz Vagez x Beals L.E.S – “Black Babies”


DJ Laz Vagez and Beals L.E.S team up for this insightful record titled “Black Babies.” Over a soothing vocal sample, Beals L.E.S dig deep into the trials and tribulations of black folks in the USA and reminds us that the struggle never ends.

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Canadian producer IM’PERETIV links the “Westside” and “Northside” on his newest single, “Let’s Ride” with the aid of Toronto’s Daniel Son, and Chi-town rapper A.M. Early Morning. The soulful jam is a perfect pairing of smooth lyricism over a smooth alluring backdrop that exudes the reflective vibe of the summertime.

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