Rappers claim to drop science all the time. Of course, this is just a way of saying that they are attempting to educate the listener with their rhymes. When rappers drop science, they aren’t always discussing scientific principles.

Today, we are going to hand the reins over to Baba Brinkman. He is going to drop actual science for this edition of Know Your History, your monthly dose of hip-hop knowledge. Thanks to creative commons licensing, we are able to re-air his brilliant TED talk “The Rap Guide to Evolution from TEDxSMU. This episode features real hip-hop music and talk including . . .

Baba Brinkman – Survival of the Fittest
Baba Brinkman – Worst Comes to Worst
Baba Brinkman – Performance, Feedback, Revision

I also had the privilege of interviewing Baba Brinkman for a full hour. We get in-depth about hip-hop history, how science and rap combine naturally, and how all things really come down to “Performance, Feedback, and Revision.”

Make sure you check for the program every week on your radio dial, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Podomatic, or iTunes so you won’t miss it.

Word is Bond Rap Radio – dropping science every week!

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