Brisbane, Queensland-based artist Preston Pierce releases a new single dedicated to all the bad b*tches holding it down.

The Australian singer, songwriter, and producer delivers an emotive performance that awakens the soul and gets bodies moving and grooving.

A sonic arrangement with jazz-influenced blends sways through “Bad Bitch” and highlights the captivating nuptial of vocals and rhymes.

This tale celebrates strong women around the world. Strong women who need no protection, strong women who won’t be toyed with, and strong women who with a flip of the tongue will tear you apart.

Take heed to the jewels dropped. If you do a strong woman wrong the smartest thing to do is walk away so you can live to see another day. If she goes down everyone around her goes down too. Stop what you’re doing to celebrate strong women instead of testing their temperatures. Stream “Bad Bitch” and connect below.


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