Producer misterSEDGWICK shares more than a handful of his products with the release of some of his early released works.  The release is essentially a mix of all his instrumentals collated into different volumes that everyone can easily access. The man sure has a plethora of music to share with the world.

The first compilation is titled SEDGWICK TAPES and it’s a 20 minute plus mix of the producer’s beats crafted between 2017 to 2019. The style ranges from lo-fi, boom-bap, and off-kilter experimental styled beats. Don’t expect the norm from misterSEDGWICK as he takes inspiration from a wide variety of sources. He blends obscure samples with soul chops, crunchy drums, glitch effects, and much more. There is just so much to unpack in this compilation.

He adds that this project contains content found on a shared hard drive but regardless it’s something for us to rock to.

Get SEDGWICK TAPES on Bandcamp.

The second compilation is titled RELOADED TAPES and contains production sourced from a resurrected hard drive (according to misterSEDGWICK himself). The beats here were crafted between 2015 and 2020 and again, the producer delivers a wild array of styles. From hard-hitting boomy trap beats and dusty soulful ones and much more.

Get RELOADED TAPES on Bandcamp

Find more of his music on Bandcamp.


Keep up with misterSEDGWICK | Soundcloud : Instagram: Bandcamp

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