Mike G is definitely running his own race and continues to deliver his own style of hip-hop that blends his calm demeanor, smooth flow, and solid lyricism. These attributes are on full display on his new single “Good Luck With That”

Finding solace in the quarantine season, he goes into the lab and takes time to reflect on all things in life on the new song. Draped by a smooth and somewhat solemn backdrop he gives the listener a taste of himself and the things that make him tick. Using his immediate environment to find inspiration, he puts it to good use on this track showcasing his dynamic flow and unfiltered lyrics.

“Good Luck With That,” is part of his SOLS Playlist, and that fits perfectly with how much of the world is feeling right now. Get it on Soundcloud/ Deezer/ Apple Music/ AudioMack

Also, check out Mike G’s latest rap battle vs K Philosophy host by the Shots Fired Battle League. Watch it below.


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