“Cold Shoulder” is the newest release from Sydney based music collective Boomchild who has a knack for blending funk, r&b, soul and hip-hop. The new single serves as their first release for 2020 following their debut single Every Little Thing”.


“Cold Shoulder” is helmed by vocalists Maina DoeRISSA and Ms. Thandi, who all deliver heartwarming and sublime performances over the lush backdrop laid before them. From the thick basslines, four to the floor drums and infectious horn lines from some of the best session artists in Sydney, the listener is definitely in for a smooth head-nodding ride from start to finish.

“Cold Shoulder” is an epic peek into what the BoomChild collective has been working on in their creative hub ‘the BoomHouse’ which hosts frequent jam sessions, guest artist drop-ins, impromptu collabs, and live-streamed performances.

Get it on Apple Music and Deezer.


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