Our brothers and official partners Melting Pot, are blessing us with a sneak preview of they will be releasing this summer. By the sounds of it, this summer is going to be equally if not better than 2011. Continue reading for all the info…

This record is a snapshot of what MPM is about in summer 2012. The original idea was to release it in January as a preview for 2012 but we are in the music business and things take always longer than planned. Now it will hit record stores in June or July which is fine too (if you visited the Beat BBQ in Cologne in May, you might have spotted pre-prelease copies at our merch stand).
The sub-title „Where The Wild Creatures Meet“ is a quote from the Doors song „Love Street“. Twit One and Miles Bonny did a great cover version under the name The Ins (available on 7“, catalouge number MPM 126) that was supposed to be on this comp too but didn’t made it in the end, because Brenk Sinatra delivered the first official song by S3 just in time. I also want to use this space to thank the whole MPM: Chicken, Daniel, Julian, Kreckler, Marta, Robert, Roger and Wido. This record is dedicated to Adam Yauch – rest in peace! – Olski (Founder of MPM)


S3 (Miles Bonny & Brenk Sinatra)
The Ruffcats
Aischa Traidia
Uhuru Peak
Suff Daddy
Brzvvll & Stijn
Hade X Gutta

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