Emerging rapper Nigel Jordan is in the spirit of summer as he shares with us his 4 track EP titled SUMMA PACC.  The summer-inspired project kicks off with the bright and hopeful guitar plucks of “CANNOT.” Here, Jordan delivers bravado-laden bars with a carefree hook over the bouncy summer production. “SUMMA TIME” blends elements from hip-hop, electronic, and soul with its atmospheric and alluring texture and head-nodding groove. As the title suggests, the track is a homage to summer parties and memories created during the season. He delivers a melody-laced rap on this one but keeps it simple and fun-filled from start to finish. “PLEASUH” follows suit with its gripping guitar plucks and funky grooves that exude retro energy and style. Jordan also brings positive vibrations and a fun-filled aura to the forefront with his nonchalant performance. The chorus here is catchy and memorable and somewhat nostalgic.

The final cut “OUTSIDE” goes for a mellow vibe and a good way to close the project with its smooth vibes and Jordan’s distinct hearty flow comes to play. The backdrop has a smoth westcoast vibe too and listenrs will appreciate the fusion of styles.


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