First of all this compilation is off the hinges; second of all, I’m freaking late to the jazz party (pun intended). The latest instalment of Jazzy Trip brings the title to full circle with deliciously garnished backdrops from indie composers such as Mangoni, My dus, Wil Madden, Dinson and Nosmo King. Carefully compiled by the crafty curator Melaz, who is also responsible for the previous editions, we have nothing short of head nodding, smooth swinging beats from top to bottom.

Get with this with flash speed!

30 selected international beatmakers and producers, that trace out the new path of “Jazzy Trip”, that it reaches the fourth volume, with dope instrumentals from Jazz flavor and Urban atmospheres. A music search which is renewed at each issue but it pursues the same purpose… those who follow my compilations, knows what I mean.

Download it HERE

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