McZanj drops a new song and also shares the visuals for the tune with us on TWIB. It would appear the voices have not gone quiet and more people still feel the need to vocally express their pain. McZanj is one of those voices speaking their truth to power and he carries on the conversation surrounding police brutality in America on this song, ‘I Can’t Breathe’. He goes on to explain further:


“This song came about after watching the painful video of the killing of George Floyd by the police. It made me reflect upon the long history of racism and the lethal effects it has had on so many due only to their pigmentation. Racism has been a part of our world for a long time and it can only be dismantled when we all stand in unity against it, but we first have to face the very raw and real emotions that have built up for many, many years. There is a lot of pain in this song, but it is a pain that is crying out for healing. I hope that is what folks will get from listening to this song. One love!”


After watching the video above, make sure you head over to his Spotify to go stream the song on the go. He is live on Twitter too so make sure you reach out to the rapper to build with him.

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