The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Miles Anthony – “Powder Springs Freestyle”

Miles Anthony is a songwriter/musician based out of Philadelphia PA whose latest release “Powder Springs Freestyle” caught our attention. The track is inspired by his experience after a trip to Atlanta, Georgia and sees him sharing his perspective on life and his vision toward success.


Sareem – “DIP SMOKE” feat. Chuck Inglish

San Diego-born and LA-based rapper Sareem is ready to “DIP SMOKE” with the help of Chuck Inglish. The result is an experimental and edgy rap tune that blends distinct off-kilter rap styles.



CatchClayton – “Call Off”

Milwaukee-based singer/songwriter CatchClayton is ready to “Call Off” in his newest release. The self-produced track blends atmospheric textures, bass-laden trap grooves and airy pads underpinned by his rich vocal tone and layered melodic approach.



Jae Soto – “Honesty”.


Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Jae Soto makes her debut entry on our playlist with her heartfelt pop ballad “Honesty”. The piano-laden piece is an exploration of one’s inner battle with the truth and external perception of others. Armed with his distinct and expressive vocal runs and poignant songwriting, Jae takes audiences deep into the never-ending struggle between facing brutal facts and finding solace in comforting narratives.

“Honesty,”  is taken from her upcoming albumLeave the Light On out June 25 on Switch Hit Records (home to Raia Was, Arthur Moon, and Cale Hawkins). The album is available to pre-order now.



Mikie – “Crazy”.

Mikie gives us something calm and relaxing in his new effort titled “Crazy”. The production is soulful and reflective and the lyrics are poignant and reflective as well.

Tony Driver – “Leave”

Emerging Chi-town rapper/songwriter Tony Driver gives audiences a glimpse into his life in his new single “Leave”. The track starts with a solemn piano arrangement and slowly builds up as the artist pours his heart on wax. Here he ponders on death and his never-ending quest for inspiration and purpose.


Phil Rick – “TSUNAMI”


Phil Rick‘s”TSUNAMI” is a poignant and well-crafted tune that talks about the present and effects of climate change. The backdrop is moody and haunting and is underpinned by the artist’s message about sustainability and being aware of what is happening to the world we live in.




Nebula – “Dwayne Wade”

Emerging UK artist Nebula embodies the spirit of “Dwayne Wade” in his new single. The reflective tune explores the concept of self-awareness and resilience as he traverses this world where nothing is given.





AyeBee – “Reggie Bush – REMIX” (ft. Tevo Jordan)


“Reggie Bush – REMIX”  pairs AyeBee and Tevo Jordan over a mellow and lofi soundscape. Here, both emcees deliver some engaging and somewhat playful bars that center on having a good time while smoking a good one.



Metah x Che Noir – “So Cold”.

Metah and Che Noir team up for this insightful track titled “So Cold”. Over the dark and haunting backdrop, Che Noir takes us deep into an unforgiving world where you can’t trust anyone and the painful feeling of betrayal and lack of support from close friends and family.




Souleye – “Spacewalk”.


Massachusetts-born rapper/singer Souleye makes his entry on our site with “Spacewalk”. The offbeat and pop-infused track is made up of rich synth plucks and snapping drum grooves, underpinned by the atmospheric vibes, he takes listeners on a spacewalk beyond the stars.


Lil Zib – “GAMES”.


Rising producer/rapper Lil Zib comes through with “GAMES”, a hard-hitting self-produced track that displays a ferocious rap style and unapologetic songwriting. Over the dark and haunting textures and trap drums, he tells a story about a woman who is playing games but he is not having it.



KVtheWriter – “Figure Out the Rest” (feat. Reggie Son)

KVtheWriter teamed up with Reggie Son to “Figure Out the Rest”, a smooth sublime piece that is ripe with engaging hooks and stylish melodic rap verses that pay homage to the 314 area code and her stylish demeanour.



Eddy P – “It Ain’t Glitter”.

Eddy P‘s “It Ain’t Glitter” is a jazz-infused boom-bap track that explores the negative side of putting on an everyday facade for the world to see and how people often pretend to be someone they are far from. Backed by a classic piano sample, he reflects on the events and situations that made him wise up quickly.


Otis Kemp x Brisco – “Blessings”

Singer/songwriter/composer Otis Kemp and rapper Brisco team up for this blissful and uplifting tune titled “Blessings”. The production is bright and soulful and underpinned by inspirational and faith-laden lines praising the lord and all the mercies he sent his way. The track is a perfect motivation track that we all need right now.



Shamel Shiloh – “Different Views & Levels”.

Emerging rapper/songwriter Shamel Shiloh drops a soulful jam titled “Different Views & Levels”. Backed by the soulful piano-laden soundscape provided by DJ Pain 1, the rapper shows us a different side to life far from the madness.




TheoryMartinX – “Be Great”


Harvey, IL native TheoryMartinX delivers motivational and uplifting vibes in his latest release “Be Great”. The soul-infused track is ripe with warm pads, lush horn riffs and rousing drums that raise the ante as he drops a handful of bars that aim to bring listeners out of their doldrums. The lyrics are encouraging and implore us all to make the right decisions and live up to our true potentials.



MOSUN – “My Version Of You”.


Taiwanese artist MOSUN shares his new release “My Version Of You”, a dark and cinematic piece that blends elements of contemporary R&B with experimental aesthetics. The production is dark, haunting and dynamic and his distorted vocal textures add an extra layer of emotion alongside heartfelt songwriting.

Amb1shn – “Dream On”.

Warren, MI-based rapper/US Marine Amb1shn help close out this week’s list with “Dream On”. The track has a solemn guitar arrangement and haunting vocal runs underpinned by punchy trap drums and his laidback flow. Here, he pours his heart on wax and details the numerous experiences and events that shaped him.

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