Emerging R&B/soul singer/songwriter Aaron Ridge steps to the forefront with his brand new EP entitled Where Else. The EP is a 3 track body of work that is anchored on love and the emotional complexities that come with it. Aaron largely handles most of the vocal duties besides 1 track where he recruits singer Anika Marie for a duet.


The project opens with  “Claustrophobic” which is introduced by a dreamy texture, soft percussions and sublime keys. Here, Aaron takes us on a lustful journey depicting him as the side dude having entanglements with a lady and the ensuing emotional rollercoaster they both go through with her man in the background. The track features singer Anika Marie who plays the lead lady and both artists give their accounts of their respective sneaky links. Next up is “Happy Hour”, a bright and groovy tune that follows Aaron on a flirty adventure. Over the smooth guitar licks and warm keys, he proceeds to charm a certain lady to come over. Armed with his cool persona, wit and a whole lot of what the kids call rizz, the audience is given a glimpse into the life of a man enjoying himself and creating memories with that special someone and nothing else.


The final and title track “Where Else” is a mellow guitar-driven ballad that is underpinned by rich melodic runs, layered harmonies and heartfelt adulation-filled lyrics that detail two individuals basking in true love. Lines like “I could be sailing on the open sea/ in the life of luxury/ but you’re here lying next to me/ asked me where I’d rather be? where else but here?” set the tone and show Aaron’s commitment to his lover reassuring them that he is here for the long run.


Even though it’s short, Where Else is a blissful and enjoyable project that is well-crafted and powerful. It also showed different sides to Aaron’s personality. At one point, he is making moves with his sneaky link, other times he confesses true love to the woman who caught his heart. This is a solid addition to your R&B playlist.




Stream Where Else on all DSPs here.

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