Liverpool bred emcee/producer MC Nelson‘s newest project entitled Anglosfear is a 17 track project that describes the fear and malaise that ran through England’s identity crisis in the 2010s.  The rapper takes ample time to reflect upon life in England from afar and takes the listener deep into the many facets of life. Backed by smooth laid-back, jazzy instrumentals, the project exudes highly reflective energy despite the myriad of topics the emcee touches upon ranging from national and self-pride, growth and identity. One thing to note is that the most important theme that runs through the project is identity, a subject the rapper touches on tracks like “What’s in a name?” and “Black Brit…ish.” He also dives into British xenophobia on “Immigration” and on other times he just shows us the struggles of a young black British man trying to make sense of their world.

You can listen to the Project here.

1. Welcome to England
2. Up North
3. What’s in a name?
4. Immigration
5. Shirking 9-5
6. Sandcastles
7. Lady Britannia
8. Black Brit…ish
9. Black Coffee
10. The Recipe
11. Tiny Grey Island
12. Stepmother
13. Lead me on
14. 1980something
15. Sticky!
16. By the River
17. Emigration

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