After 94 exciting episodes of our weekly video list, we have decided to change the format to include more visuals. This is to accommodate the rising requests we get and to shine a light on artists who otherwise might fall under the radar.
So, everybody, we start September with the maiden edition of TWIB’s Weekly Top 10 Videos.
This is more videos for viewers out there, whether you have been following us or are new to us, we are sure there is something in here for you. Again, we promise to bring you the best from high to low budget, to animated to DIY and first and foremost, the most creative visuals we can source.




Under The Underground – “Smoke Signals”

Under The Underground delivers the visuals for the tribute song titled “Smoke Signals”. The track produced by Survinylist has a dark texture and thumping drum groove that is underpinned by vivid lyricism from the G.I.B. and Survinylist who take us through the beginning of the culture and the pioneers who paved the way. The song is accompanied by visuals shot by Chandana Bandara and edited by Samuel Lehmuskoski. The use of different camera angles, performance shots and seamless transitions are clean and keep things engaging from start to finish.




Suprxmetony – “Who can you blame?”

Rising Columbia, South Carolina-based artist Suprxmetony makes his way on our playlist with “Who can you blame?”, a laidback and reflective tune that talks about accountability and rising up to the occasion to make your dreams come true. The visual has a DIY and retro vibe and uses performance shots with easy-to-follow transitions and subtle visual effects.


Darian Smith Jr x The Most High Sav – “MOVE LIKE D”.

Darian Smith Jr and The Most High Sav deliver the new visual for “MOVE LIKE D”, which is the latest entry on their ongoing #DSMITHSATURDAYS II: SERIES IX. The track is punchy and quite edgy and once again showcases Darian’s stylish flow and engaging lyricism. The accompanying visual shot by @rocco_vii makes use of weird psychedelic effects and fast-paced cut scenes and clips.



Jason Flame x Dennis Valentin – “Epiphany” (feat. Dennis Valentin)

Brooklyn rapper Jason Flame teams up with Dennis Valentin for “Epiphany” a sombre and reflective tune that blends solid lyricism with dark moody boombap beats. The visual style has a DIY aesthetic and makes use of a mix of retro effects and performance shots of both rappers as they do their thing.





Dax – “Rich Men North Of Richmond” Remix”


Dax‘s newest song “Rich Men North Of Richmond” Remix” is a reflective and introspective tune about racism, police brutality and the views on modern sociology and political leanings and life as a black man. With the use of sombre guitar licks and riffs, Dax pours his heart on wax and hopes for a better tomorrow. The visual makes use of different clips of individuals doing what they do and performance shots of Dax.



T.R.3 – “Morals.”.


T.R.3 makes his entry on our visual playlist with “Morals.”, a soulful and introspective tune that talks about true morality and all the grey areas that exist between one’s belief and being caught up in a world filled with negative influences. The visual is well-shot and follows the theme closely as we see three versions of T.R.3 as they engage with each other to varying degrees.




Already Legends – “106 & Park” (feat. SavageSpitFlamez, Billy Winters, Squad, Sam Tate & L.O.E Boog)”



Detroit-based hip-hop collective Already Legends dropped the visuals for their new single “106 & Park”. The crew made up of  SavageSpitFlamez, Sam Tate, Squad and L.O.E Boog team up with Billy Winters on this reflective tune that talks about their childhood dreams of wanting to be on that famous show. The production is jazzy and bouncy while the emcees sure deliver the goods with fiery bars and vivid storytelling. The accompanying visual has a sitcom end-credit-type feel and captures different spots in the city and the emcees doing their thing.






Teni – “Lanke”


Nigerian Afropop sensation Teni returns to form with the visuals for her new single “Lanke”. The mid-tempo jam produced by Blaisebeatz captures her feel-good and fun-filled energy and the visual directed by Syx follows suit and follows the singer alongside her squad as they paint the town red with shopping sprees, pool parties and house parties as well.




WINDY – “Can You Feel It?”

Israeli singer/songwriter/producer/rapper WINDY caught our ears and eyes with her new single “Can You Feel It?” which blends R&b/pop with hip-hop in a distinct manner. The beat has a summer feel with pop stylings and a solid hip-hop styled bounce to it and WINDY delivers her verses with a sing-songy rap cadence and tops it up with a smooth melodic chorus as well. The music video, directed by Tali Kord, is a story of finding one’s true centre in the midst of the white noise.



MacArthur Maze – “Panther Bruce Lee”


Bay Area crew MacArthur Maze helped close out this week’s list with the video for “Panther Bruce Lee”, a song taken from their debut LP, Blvck Saturday. “Panther Bruce Lee” is a display of verbal skills from Ian Kelly, D. Bledsoe and Champ Green go straight for the jugular with their distinct rap schemes. The production is barebones and filled with rich percussions and blaxploitation strings to match. No stone is left unturned as they pass the mic back and forth on the groovy soundscape laid before them. The video was both shot and edited by NOBL, a member of Mac Maze who further proves the point that this is one of the best squads doing it right now. He utilizes a mixture of straight-ahead performance visuals with clever editing techniques to capture the raw energy and creative spirit of “Panther Bruce Lee.”

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