Oakland-based producer/deejay and emcee duo DJ D Sharp and ST Spittin first brought us to the “Seat At The Table” last year as they prepared their debut LP Risk & Reward. The 11-track body of work is a combination of unadulterated bars and beats from the Bay Area duo. With a mutual love for the art, the duo put their all into making this body of work and remind us that there is a lot to gain when one puts his or her heart into what they love. The title is also a reflection of today’s changing music industry where releasing albums is a huge risk to take but then again, success lies in risk-taking and this duo has hedged their bets in the right direction.


The title track opens the project and sets the tone with its triumphant soundscape. Here, ST Spittin takes the charge and details his winning strategy as an indie artist. He doesn’t let the detractors and industry politics derail him as he stays laser-focused on his goals with lines like“They tell me I’m getting better, really life is the best coach/This music shit is addictive, really I’ve got the best dope/The best hope, praying for some more and I got less rope”. Next is “Seat At The Table”, a smooth soulful affair ripe with warm solemn textures and a soft head-nodding drum groove that blends perfectly with ST Spittin’s nonchalant and insightful bars that run the gamut of opulence, reflection and pure display of charisma and followed by “Pesos” featuring Stunnaman02. The track flips a classic soul sample and is a display of verbal proficiency from both emcees. In “God in the Room”, the duo recruits Mani Draper and Dustin Sharpe and the result is a brilliant go-getter and motivational tune that audiences can tap into to start their day with. “Profile Pics” is a laidback smoky track laced with funky basslines and slick guitar riffs all underpinned by ST Spittin’s introspective lyricism such as “respected cause nowadays, fame is not an attachment to work ethic so every fan gained from work effort/ and I pour my heart and soul on each verses so special”.


Watch the video “Risk & Reward” below



Rapper HBK CJ and vocalist Khyenci join the fray on the bouncy “Maximize”, a surreal and dreamy track that is laced with expressive lyricism and soothing earworm melodies. Next is the jazz-soul vibes of “It’s Alright”, a love tale that explores ST Spittin’s love life and the ups and downs of balancing his artistry with that special someone. Ian Kelly comes through on the last word and gives us his own two cents on the matter. The fun continues on the tracks “Flashes” and “Wide Awoke” where ST Spittin gets into his bag with a blend of insight, bravado and a touch of realism and course we can’t ignore the fiery rap display on “Each One, Teach One” featuring his cohorts D.Bledsoe and Champ Green. The final track “Whata Ya Call That???” is a celebratory record that is ripe with lush keys and a prevalent bassline-driven groove underpinned by St Spittin in his element while flexing on the opposition.


At the end of it all Risk & Reward, lives up to its title and brings together a stunning display of skills that captures the essence of a producer and a rapper in sync with one another.

Watch the video for “Seat At The Table” below.





The 11 track LP is available now through all digital retailers and streaming platforms courtesy of Table5 Music Group.


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