Leon Ross comes through with some more songs that explore a different side of his life.

In “They Go To Church,” he reflects on the delicate issue of hypocrisy and the effects of being overly judgmental towards the way other people live their lives. He looks at the issue through the lens of someone in faith and a churchgoer who happens to witness how people who feel they are more righteous than others treat people as if they are not worthy. Ross gives a nuanced and thought-provoking stance on this matter and will surely leave listeners something to ponder on.

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On “Better Everyday” he teams up with singer Dejuan Turrentine for a heartfelt and uplifting message for people to always strive to be better versions of themselves. He talks about his own dark past and admits his flaws but nonetheless he encourages everyone that change can be affected if one just takes that extra step towards the light.

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