Leon Ross‘s new EP Ross is a 6 track body of work that sees him embodying his true creative self and taking responsibility for his actions and also touches on several topics that listeners can appreciate. The project sees him working with OG Cuicide, 313Rel, and Ru.

The project opens up with the solemn and somewhat uplifting track titled “Strugglin'” which sees him working with 313Rel and Ru. The track dwells on the hustle mentality and negativity that surrounds you when you are doing good. Far from taking shots at the opposition, the rappers rather implore us to focus on rising above jealousy and hate.  This is followed by the heartfelt “Me” which dives into Leon’s positive mentality and outlook on life. Written after his older sister passed away, he found a way to channel his pain on wax and delivers a celebratory tune that talked about him taking action and being a better person than he was before. On “Out Here,” he makes use of a bass-heavy bouncy track that has a party vibe and a catchy hook. Leon makes use of basketball terms to showcase his work ethic as an emcee. He teams up with OG Cuicide on the upbeat “Let Em Sleep” which is an open letter to the naysayers and people who don’t believe in you. Leon and OG waste no time and deliver a smooth performance ripe with bravado and vivid lyrics as they go about their business far away from the haters. “No fear” has a moody and ominous aesthetic and serves as Leon’s anthemic ode to living his life with no fear. The EP closes out on a solemn note with the honest tune titled “Lustin” where he reminds us that chasing the box could lead to disaster. Leon drops some red pill jewels here and there to show us that man must have self-discipline in the face of lust.

Overall, the project covers some interesting territory while showing us Leon’s personality and versatility as an artist.

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