Boston Massachusetts-based singer/songwriter who goes by the moniker Sevee started in an all-girl band before breaking out as a solo artist. Armed with her distinct vocal style and knack for blending a handful of genres like R&B, House Music, Pop Punk, and Afropop into her repertoire, Sevee delivers her latest project ID RATHER NOT PART 2, to our earshot. The 6 track body of work is a celebration of self-love, self-discovery and strength to break free from toxic environments and situations.

“The Note (intro)” opens up the floodgates of emotions as listeners get thrown into Sevee’s emotional trauma. The guitar-driven backdrop is as solemn as they come and fits Sevee’s heartwarming lyrics that explore betrayal from an ex-lover.  Next up is the pop-infused R&B “Damage” which continues from the intro where she sings  How could you do that to me?/You know I love you/promise broken, crying aloneas she looks back at heartbreak and comes to terms with the thought of moving on. far from a sob story, it’s more of an admission of the mistakes she made in the past and reminds her ex that he lost a real one. “Fiction Story” has an early 2000s R&B production with its lush guitar licks, warm pads and steady drum groove underpinned by Sevee’s sultry melodic runs and unapologetic lyrics that center on self-reliance and breaking free from the clutches of mental games played by her ex. “Drowning (Underwater)” employs a sublime and dreamy soundscape underpinned by sultry melodic runs reminiscent of throwback R&B/pop stylings. Here, Sevee starts with a proclamation “I’d rather be alone than to be with you/I’d rather be starting  with someone new” as she ventures into something new far from the grief she received in her past relationship.


The project closes out with“Memories” and “No Way Out” featuring Smooth Frizz. The former is as reflective as they come and it’s ripe with soothing melodies and a memorable hook while the latter is a bouncy celebratory tune that explores Sevee’s newfound freedom. She basks in her new circle and enjoys everything life has to offer as her ex is sulking far away from her. Joining her is rapper Smooth Frizz who adds his perspective to the subject matter.


Overall, ID RATHER NOT PART 2 is an engaging project that lovers of R&B would like. The production is crisp, clean and well-crafted and Sevee’s vocals are alluring. This is just the tip of the iceberg as she is coming out with 4 more EPs this year



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