After teaming up with  pg562 for the Love, 6 (EP), Eclectic alternative singer/songwriter okay(K) returns with a new project entitled inception (2010). The 14-track body of work sees him in his element incorporating different sounds and styles and teaming up with artists such as LA-based singer Tola and Honey Gentry (who was NME’s 100 artists to watch in 2019) and  Lili K.

“Good Ass Intro” serves as the opening and is a characteristic off-kilter acoustic tune ripe with layered instrumentation underpinned by okay(K) ’s distinct melodic runs. This is followed by “pennsylvania” feat Tola and the duo delivers a heartfelt and soothing duet. Her rich vocal runs and sublime background vocals permeate the track and it’s complemented by okay(K)’s shaky vocals. Next is the piano-laden “UNTITLED” where okay(K) showcases his rapping skills and shares some of his experiences with the audience. We then head out to “seattle” with a rich guitar lick arrangement and sparse but thick drum grooves. Here okay(K) details his time in the seaport city exorcising his demons. The production and mix feel distorted at times especially when a lot of double vocals are used which gives it an off-center feel.


“kansas” has a playful production and a summer feel. The track sees him collaborating with Honey Gentry and the two give us their perspective as they wade through this thing called life. Lines like “Gotta unplug the refrigerator/I’ll get a mansion with several waiters/Settle for metal regenerators” are continued by a similar rhyme scheme throughout till it reaches a crescendo with both okay(K) and Honey Gentry’s vocals coming into the fray. Next is “this is just an interlude” a short display of lyricism followed by the Lili K-assisted “Alien”, a mellow and uplifting track that centers on a superhero theme and the aptly titled “Stranger Than Fiction”, a dark moody piece underpinned by stream of consciousness raps from okay(K).


Other interesting tracks include the trippy “toronto” and pop-infused vibes of“California”. The project closes out with the solemn “Rick and Morty” and “Good Ass Outro”. The former reflects on his past transgressions in the realm of love, okay(K) pours his thoughts on wax and gives audiences a glimpse into his love life and the latter is a continuation of the intro which leads into a bedtime story by an unknown figure.




Watch the short film below


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