Khemist is back with a 5 track body of work titled Khemtrails produced entirely by Anwar Marshall. The project is a profound look at the Philadelphia-bred writer’s formative years and brings to the forefront of his own personal experiences and how it made him the man he is.

The opener “What’s At Stake” is a soulful cut that rises to a plateau on the chorus and sees the lyricist explore his growth from a visceral viewpoint with lines like “…Born in ’91 in this plane, let’s not forget my other age, knowing that makes some of my elders today younger than me, my soul’s old, I’ve known for a while, I’m a spiritual being who never felt too attached to the present era that we in…” “Khemist Bomaye” is that classic bravado joint laced with some insightful quips and the rapper goes totally ape-shit over the rich guitar-laden backdrop. “Sampson” is a harrowing track that looks at slavery from the point the slave-ship enters the port and the slave is sold off to the highest bidder, Khemist takes us on an action-packed journey as he vividly breaks down how the system strips black folks form their ancestry in many ways than one. The project closes with the soulful acoustic guitar laced,  Lennon Award-winning track “Upright” and the solemn “Two Up Two Down” which both go for a bluesy type vibe. with the latter really delivering that classic Gospel tinged vibes


Khemtrails is a modern blues for black manhood and a masterful dissection of inequity that spares none of the gory details. A scorching readout from the field, it is neither stunted by the era from which it derives nor disloyal to the griot tradition at the foundation of Black American music. This is timelessness in action. If it were possible to empty a clip without causing physical harm, Khemtrails is the sound that the hammer would make.


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