BBXO‘s newest record “Sabotage” explores the relatable feeling of one feeling ok with ruining their chances in this game called life. It may feel triggering to some but BBXO’s approach is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and for the most part, implores the listener to accept their mistakes and move on as opposed to wallowing in it.


Backed by a pulsating guitar riff and punchy drums, BBXO delivers a laid back performance laced with lyrics that unapologetically reminds the listener that when life happens, bad things will happen but the main idea is how you process such situations in order to grow.

The crew also add this about the song “So we wrote this song to say: though we may not understand what exactly you are going through, we understand what it feels when like the very thought of moving forward feels exhausting. Part of what has helped us is to laugh at ourselves, so we hope the listener can do that with us too, and that they enjoy it.”

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