KANIS is a Haitian American multilingual-genre-bending award-winning recording artist and songwriter who caught our ears with the visuals for her new single “Tic Toc.”

Backed by a booming backdrop courtesy of Julio Massidi and Trakstorm, KANIS makes short work of the upbeat canvass to showcase her skills as a writer and energetic performer. She knows her onions and brings to the fore a mix of Franglais with vivid lyrical imagery and eclectic style. The visual is directed by Michael Russell who goes for a very cinematic and edgy style. There are so many unpredictable motifs used that put emphasis on KANIS’ sultry and playful demeanor.



KANIS fire started her musical career in New York City during her undergraduate studies in at NYIT. Throughout her studies, she wrote and worked with various artists from all walks of life sharpening her craft.

After earning a degree in Marketing, KANIS decided to move to Miami, Florida where she finally released her debut two singles “Riddim Affair” and “Dan Bang”, which became instant hits across the Haitian community. Following their success, KANIS decided to go full force and moved back to Haiti to explore and develop a new sound inspired by her roots. KANIS began mixing Racine, Voodoo, Rara and Hip-Hop beats and producing music embracing Haitian culture.

In 2017, KANIS released her first creole album entitled: Enèji – a 19 song multi-genre inspired LP exploring from Hip Hop, to Rap Creole and Racine. Enèji was an instant success and led KANIS to becoming the #1 Haitian rapper of both the years 2018 & 2019, exposing KANIS to an international career as a leader within the Haitian community and diaspora.

KANIS began touring across different cities around Haiti, the United States, the Caribbean and in Europe.

As KANIS embarked on a European tour in 2018 – KANIS spent time in the studio in Paris with her production team and started developing her soon-to-be, follow up project in French as a next step in her career. In the process KANIS had to undergo a name switch due to her birth name namesake famed French male rap artist. A step back perhaps, but surely three steps forward, as KANIS signed a global license deal with Sony Music, Columbia France by end of 2019.

Armed with a freshly developed project in French, created alongside A-list producers, a global label partner and unmatched determination – KANIS is ready, with eyes on the prize, to dominate her next target.



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