The duo of Joe and Box team up with Charlie X on this abstract, self-motivation themed track titled ‘Splinter’. The visuals are pretty surreal,engaging while keeping to the subject at hand. The usual suspects here appear to be prisoners of some sort and they eventually have to summon enough courage to either get out of their comfort zone or live as is in said prison. It’s an interesting take on taking risks or that bold step as opposed to some half-assed decision.

The duo will be releasing their debut Never Grow Up on this month as well.

Get the audio HERE 

Splinter is the second single off Joe & Box’s debut album Never Grow Up, dropping 4.22.14. In the video, we are unknowingly held captive by a masked man in a suit. We are unaware that a world exists outside of our prison, until we find a rip in what we thought was just a black abyss. Once we find out the truth, the decision is ours to make. Should we stay in our “safe” prison or venture into a dangerous world where anything is possible?

Joe & Box is a Hip Hop duo out of NJ/NYC. We are a pair of goofy best friends who lead the Swine movement and live by the phrase Fuck Being Ordinary. Our influences, Outkast, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, and many more have helped mold us into the artists we are today. We take pride in our technical lyrical skill, our content, and our song making ability. In the end, we just want to give the world something real.

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