J/O/E releases his first single of 2023 titled “Focus.” The record features Dank817 and lyrically, hits heavy with self-empowerment.

The Fort Worth, Texas duo delivers sharp lyricism that depicts past struggles and a vow to get their lives back in order and back on track.

A sonic backdrop driven by keys and invigorating bass accentuates J/O/E and Dank817’s smooth lyrical flow.

The video shows J/O/E in the studio with a pen and a pad and in the city rhyming and painting a vivid timeline for audiences. At times he dwells on the past when he was at step one. He recalls his parents making him strong through the struggles. Now with his rhymes earning coins, he has to stay on his grind.

It’s clear J/O/E is his own boss on and off the mic but remains humble through his shine and success. Watch the video for “Focus” and connect below.

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