WIB Timeless compositions on deck!.. First and foremost Big Shout out to all of the Cov Original Music Family!.. Much love from this side!..Stay Original! Introducing the composer reppin’ West Covina “JansportJ” ..Has been a WIB favorite from the birth of the sound he has created.. This 30 track special hits harder than most.. Talkin’ bout “MoveMeants II: The Reprise”.. From start to finish it’s a very strong instrumental project that speaks with personal volumes thus making it intimate in any hiphop affair.. Movemeants II is supposed to make you move and grove and feel what’s being created instead of just listening.. Highly Recommend you purchase the album as it shall be put in your everyday rotation.. Support the composer!! As JanportJ notes: Special Thanks- God. Cov Original Music. Soulspazm. LA Lemon. Nefarious! Uptown Soundclash. Garrett McGurer. Andrew Quesada. Brian Hayashi. House Shoes. Dave Zee. Jasmin Ratansi. Joseph Parker. Matthew Miller. Labcat. BE.water. Willie B. Madlib. RZA. J Dilla. 9th Wonder. Pete Rock. DJ Premier… If you slap this properly just know “SportDidItTho”… ghea!

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