Been missing a fix of dope boom bap, cuts and scratches over the past 3 weeks or so? Well this is a fair tonic. Scottish producer Scifi Stu comes in with a dope old school vibe which is more relevant now than ever.

I’ve been a long time admirer of Stu’s. I first heard him actually on Hudson Mowahke’s BBC1 Essential mix, and his fellow Scotsman threw ‘The Will’ (from Stu’s first release) right near the climax. And I was like ‘whoa, I need some more’. Anyway The Will remained one of my favourite tracks so when I was putting together the exclusive WIB compilation ‘Are You Listening’ I hit Stu up asking if I could use it. He went one better and let me use a track from this album.

And let me tell you I could have used any one of them, it totally blew me away. Dude’s production is so on point, it’ll have you jiving no doubt. So much soul and snare I can barely deal with it. The cuts are nice too, and the features on the records (including Ill Poetix, Has-Lo and D Strong) are by no means weaker than the beats. Just such a strong album. And a 5* recommendation, one of my faves I’ve heard recently that’s for sure. Released on the infamous Digi Crates Records.

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