A lil before Word Is Bond had its downtime (a period I call ‘The Dark Ages’) I heard and posted about ‘Wings’, a track by Cauzndefx over an Ichiro_ beat. Ichiro_’s beats are nuts, amazin, but so awkward, and Cauz destroyed it. So I kept a track of him, checked out his previous releases and such, and you couldn’t be fail to be impressed. His most recent, ‘Women Problems & Late Night Anime’, is probably his best yet.

Featuing ‘Wings’ among others this EP follows the same kinda pattern the track did, some adventerous but wonky beats, and they give Cauz the perfect flatform. Dude is a wordsmith there is no doubt about that, and quite abstract with it too. Talented guy. He has some other cool stuff on his Youtube which you should check out too.

[viral-lock]STREAM/DOWNLOAD ‘Women Problems & Late Night Anime’ FROM BANDCAMP HERE[/viral-lock]

Cauzndefx: Youtube TwitterFacebookBandcamp


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